Tiempo Cocodrilo is a feature-length essay film that questions memory through the reenactment of a series of childhood memories. To what point memory is a creative act? How reliable are our representations of the past? What happens when memories are confronted with the real world? Can we control the memories of others?

I have been developing this film for the last year as part of an investigation on memory as a methodology for filmmaking.  I wanted to make visible the process of memory as a way to reflect on the mechanisms behind remembering and forgetting. To achieve it, we developed a series of techniques that try to dismantle and make visible the process of evocation. Spoken portraits, development of characters through the actor´s memories, metaphor-based montages, and experimental writing techniques are amongst a series of experimental techniques that led to this film.

The film is an ongoing process that challenges production schemes as well as proposing new narrative structures for filmmaking. The film was shot in Mexico, Amsterdam and Japan over the course of two years. It can be considered a documentary about invisible processes or a reality built using the building blocks of fiction.

The film is due to be finished in July 2017.