A map is nothing more than the symbolic representation of relationships within elements in a frame. Maps reveal the political and physical stance of the cartographer, the hierarchies created among the diverse elements, the power relationships between territories and, in the end, the way territories are structured in the conscience of the cartographer. The in and out-of-frame, the north and the south, the shape and proportions are all elements that point out to the cartographer´s subjectivity and that, in no objective way, can be considered elements within the morphology of the described territories.

I travelled for 3 days and nights within Amsterdam and recorded every image that called out for my attention. After shooting hundreds of landscapes, faces, buildings, canals and plants, I decided to create a cinematographic structure that could reveal the relationships among the different elements that I saw. These relationships reveal my political stance as a foreigner, as a filmmaker and as a tourist in a land where symbolic codes are not open for me. Because I do not share the common understanding of symbols that natives and long time residents have; I can only establish relationships based on my memory, on the projection of past experiences and on misunderstandings created by codes that were not designed for me.