Video commissioned by the Art and Architecture Archive (ADA, Mexico City. 2012) for the exhibition “Happiness is a warm sponge (and cold)”, curated by Guillermo Santamarina.
Official Selection:
XI Kansk International Video Festival, Siberia 2012
Muestra “Continental Drift / Memory and Identity” Cologne, Germany. 2012
Cologne Off Cambodia Metahouse Phom Penh, 2012.
Fine Art Festival Szolnok / Hungría, 2012.
FIVA: Festival Internacional de Vídeo Arte, Buenos Aires, 2012.
Digital Marrakech 3, Centre Culturel Atlas Golf Marrakech, 2012.
Cologne Off 2013 “Memory and Identity”. Aferro Gallery, New Jersey, 2013.
Cologne Off VIII – Continental Drift, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, México, D.F., 2013.
Ares Film & Media Festival: Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art. Syracuse, Italy, 2013.